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Y'all die from the rona?



  • Im alive, day 2 of 42days of Lockdown in Melbourne moving next week so will fire the still up in a few weeks. Need to put some rum, whisky and vodka on. (Have some pilsner malt thats questionable to use up)

  • A matter of interest, whom else has gone into yet another / second lockdown.

    From 23 March to 1 June we in South Africa had lockdown with zero booze sales. Booze ban was lifted on 1'st June.

    Booze ban just been re-introduced 2 days back. These shits in the government here with all their corruption and incompetence can not get their act together, so services are being overwhelmed.

    F.... African governments X(

  • Stuck at home and not allowed to drink? That's fucked. Second wave is starting in australia. Some states are re-shutting borders and it's pretty bad in Melbourne, police guards around infected housing units.

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