New heating elements in production

Today I have just put into production my next lot of super Ultra Low Watt Density all stainless Steel heating elements. This is for my 60L still that's in production.

5.5KW element, fitted with a DN50 tri-clover ferrule. Designed for either three phase or single phase operation.

6 Watts / cm2.

A slightly shorter version of the above is designed to fit into a 50L Euro profile keg.

My last elements for my main still were 6KW and based on 3.4 Watts / cm2.

(Just for vision clarity I have changed the one element colour in the image below)




800 x 202 - 24K
537 x 800 - 22K
800 x 164 - 22K


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    Kettles complete welded and now off for pickle and passivation.



    60L kettle 1.jpg
    600 x 800 - 58K
    60L kettle 2.jpg
    600 x 800 - 67K
  • Richard, I would put a couple of 2" ports on those kettles. One for a vacuum pressure release valve and another for a temperature gauge for vapor temperature.

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    Thanks. There are temperature ports which are being added in the next step. I haven't gone for vacuum / over-pressure relief because of this small size of 60L working volume and also because it's a LM configuration with the new small sized SS helical coil packing. But this is not complete cast in stone.

    For the temperature probe I have designed and built a neat weld on connection which only requires a diam 6.5mm hole to be drilled through for the probe insert.

    I am planning to use 4 pieces blue tooth temperature probes on the system and possibly dong a distilling app for the tablet / phone. This I will make a decision on in the next few weeks.

    The only thing which I am not yet decided on is whether to position a small sprayball within the vessel for CIP.


    800 x 687 - 39K
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    Just received my new temperature transmitter holders

    Working like a charm


    800 x 600 - 43K
  • @richard - Did you manufacture these elements? I'd love to purchase a couple. I have 2 x 5.5KW Camcos as direct heating in my current small spirit Still and it kills me that I can't run them at higher than 1.5KW each without changing the flavour of my rum. (The spirit runs are on fully stripped low wines). I recently tried running at 1.8KW each and this was too high. Heads & hearts are affected, but tails not so much

  • Yes we manufacture them.

  • Aren't these the Dernord elements?

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    No we designed and built them together with both stainless steel bosses and element tubes, this being for food and beverage applications.

    The other purpose of design was to use it in a RIMS setup as shown below.


    RIMS 50_15 400 ASSY 1.jpg
    800 x 235 - 11K
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