On Grain Vs Off Grain Fermentation

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So I have been trying to read up on peoples views of on grain vs off grain fermentation ( @DonMateo's post about beer inspired me to post this thread). Whilst there are a couple of threads about the place they don't really discuss the pro and cons.

I am going to try for myself and do two identical Whiskys, one fermented on grain and the other not and judge for myself. That said I'm interested in other people's thoughts on this as I'm sure people have experimented themselves.

I understand the efficiencies side of things, the last two washes I did were on grain ferments and went into the fermenter with different SG's (same volume of worth and grains), when I stripped them they both yielded the same volume of low wines (within 200ml) so clearly conversion continued in the fermenter.

What I'm curious about is peoples views and experience on the difference in flavours both in the short and long term.

On or off grain fermentation
  1. Do you ferment on or off the grain?9 votes
    1. Off Grain
    2. On Grain
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