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I was just wondering if anyone knows of a good online distillers course? Doesn't need to result in a formal qualification, I have been told to take leave until the end of April so I figured I need something to kill the time (other than distilling)


  • Nothing good mate. My best recommendation is to read from the pdf books in our library. There some bloody good eady reads right up to the technical manufacture of spirits.

  • Cheers, I have read Fermented Beverage Production and have a few others as well, plus the papers and books from the library and that people have sent me.

    I had wondered if there was something structured online that was any good (I haven't been able to find one). My other thought was if there is an online course that ticks the boxes so to speak if I were ever to go down the ATO registration route etc.

  • A good business plan is what will convince the ATO, together with all your paperwork etc. They have a checklist, a number of them in fact. Just work your way through them all and you'll be fine.

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    If you talk to Anne and explain the need, she may be thinking along those lines nowadays anyway:

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • @Sam if you talk to her tell her i'd be happy to promote it here.

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

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    Anne's a top lady who provides good courses including some for the IBD. I did the first IBD course she ran. Highly recommended.

    The IBD courses are available globally via distance ed / online. There's various levels from certificate up.

    Institute of Brewing & Distilling even though there's a local chapter, the courses are all run out of the UK.

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    @Sam and anyone else interested, I reached out to Anne, she advised the following:

    We aren’t far away with the online business course-probably 2 weeks. We’ll be launching under The Distillers Institute. It will include both “Planning an Australian Distillery” and “Starting your Australian Distillery” as course two.

    If people want to add themselves to the list then they can go to The Distillers Institute and register interest.

    It’s perfect for those planning to go sizeable hobby or professional. We still have a bit to do but it is pretty rich with all the things to think about and planning for licensing.

    Cheers Crozdog

  • Thanks everyone, I had seen the IBD courses and thought they looked good as like you say it's remote learning and then I assume they use some sort of test centre in the major cities.

    I will email her tomorrow and ask.

  • Ask her to stick her head in here if you would @crozdog ? Pretty sure she's a member.

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • All IBD assessments are postponed this year but the online stuff is getting a lot better.
    It's very narrow minded content though. 90% single malt a & 8% grain.
    Most other things get a brief mention but that's about it.
    Where are you Sam?

  • @jacksonbrown I am just outside Newcastle in the Hunter.

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