Panic Buying and Stock Shortages Australia

Hi all, been having some pressure to get systems out and have had a few people now circumventing the email/invoice process and buying full systems with paypal through the store.

This has been stopped and all systems and boilers are now showing out of stock. Most actually are as i'm short of caps and tees now.

If you need a system please email and i'll put you in the advise as to what's available.

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  • Nearly nothing left since it started Saturday. Distillation equipment is the new toilet paper.

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • Completely understand. I'm pulling my plant apart shortly and rebuilding it.

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    @punkin said: . . .. Distillation equipment is the new toilet paper.

    I don't think that's going to work out, or maybe you have to let it cool first. My ass'll be a long time healing.

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  • I read somewhere (on an ADA's Facebook post I think) that the issue is more around the supply of the other ingredients, the Alochol supply isn't the issue.

    The big manufacturers are now ramping up production of alcohol anyway so I think whilst there is a short term demand it won't last long and you aren't going to be able to get the packaging and glycerine anyway.

    Could make for interesting tastings though!

  • We've got about 800kg of glycerin/glycerol if anyone's desperate.
    Going rate for dirty +90% EtOH is $30/Lt. +96% ENA is $35/Lt. This seems ridiculous and surreal to me but people are paying it.
    The ATO has suspended excise payments as far as I know, so we could possible supply an additional 40hec of 8% wheat wash for someone else to distill (in addition to the 80hec we're already doing). I think that was about 3 bucks a Lt.
    If anyone has some good leads on ~1lt dispensing containers in Vic, pls let us know.

  • No packaging in the country mate. You're looking at 4 to 8 weeks if you're lucky.

  • Yes, our office is next to a big packaging supplier and we joked about making our own sanitizer and they said it will be months before they have anything other than bulk packaging.

  • i spoke with 1 big distiller the other day. Their price for neutral has doubled. Another has increased by 30%. The 1st said they have back orders of 690,000l & at least a 6 week wait. The 2nd hasn't shipped my order from 2 weeks ago. Can't get them on the phone and they don't respond to email. I've started fermenting to make my own.

    Have packaging on hand with peroxide & glycerol in transit, just need EtOH.

  • Same mate. They don't answer the phone or email. I've heard of derelict ethanol plants being refurbished and brought back to life. They should be online late April. We're all screwed mate. I closed half of my business last week and let people go. I was ready to fire myself and sign up at New Start. I had some ethanol and made sanitiser instead. Figured if I'm going out, I'm going to go out and hopefully save a life in the process. See you all on the other side of this.

  • We got in a couple 1000Lals of ENA in. I'm more concerned that all my NMS is going into sanitizer.
    At least I'm busy :-/

  • the big end of town is apparently moving in, hoping that the support local push is remembered long after this sh!tstorm ends

  • I would have thought if you could get the ingredients to make it you could package it in larger bottles. Everyone will have 200ml pump bottles so just sell it in normal bottle as top ups... It's not like people won't use it over the next 6+ months...

  • @Sam packaging of all kinds and the actual ingredients are all tough to locate, so even if you could make some, selling in normal spirit bottles not only pushed the cost up, but also depletes a distillers core business offering, particularly for when this sh!tstorm ends and they want go back to normal production, they won't have bottles on hand and the supply chain lead time will be long

  • @crozdog fair point. All I meant was that if someone is wanting to make some don't get hung up on selling it in 200ml pump bottles as people have the dispensers, refills will be what's needed.

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