Need Help With My 4" Crystal Dragon

OK, so I've just purchased a 4" Crystal Dragon but I've got a major issue.

I got my new 200L boiler back from the welder today and eagerly set up for a run using the Dragon for the very first time I took things slow, bring the temp up and watching it like a hawk.

As soon as it reach temp the 4 glass tubes began to move on the gasket, sliding out of line of each other, causing product to leak as the cap plates charged, frantically I attempted to adjust the clamp down rods assuming I had to much pressure on them, it helped a little but with the pressure the gaskets began to leak more, I began to manually push the glass tubes from side to side trying to keep the lined up but as I fixed one another would move.

Defeated and deflated I shut the unit down.

It’s like the gaskets become soft and don’t hold there shape enough to hold the glass in place, or maybe the rods can't support the weight of the deflated and condenser?

Can anyone shed light on what’s going on?


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