Cooling Water Flow Rate for a Baby Crystal Dragon

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After convincing the wife to let me spend £700 on a Baby Crystal Dragon my question is what flow rate from mains tap to set with the needle valve?

With my still spirits condenser I set 2.5 litres per minute but with the T500 it's 500 mL per min. As the Dragon has both setups in, I know I need to adjust each one with separate valves.

Do I set at highest flow rate at 2.5 litres per min?

I know I need to use my own senses, I am just after a start point as the temperature is governed by the flow rate as I am using my T500 boiler (till I can sweet talk wife into letting shell out another £450 on a milk can boiler). My water cost is not an issue as the bill is the same if I use 1 litre or a thousand.


  • Flow rates are a hard thing to firm up if coolant temps and heat input are not consistent from operator to operator. Don't fixate on coolant flow. But rather adjust your flow so that the discharge (distillate) stream is about the size of a pencil lead / tooth pic.

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