Hammer Mill For Grain

Hey guys,

I am asking this question for a friend. He is looking to set up a small distillery in South Africa and he said he get his hands on cheap 2 hp hammer mills for his distillery. I was curious if guys use hammer mills. I have a small malt mill for my day to day grinding but I had to buy a heavy duty roller mill with 3 hp for grinding corn. It cost a lot of money but it was worth it.

So my question is it OK to use a hammer mill with malted grain, as well as corn?


  • I thought that the hammer mill was ideal for corn ?? ….. but not for malt etc.

  • Shouldn't matter if you are not lautering. You only need to crack the grain to allow water in to convert, the only reason roller mills are needed is to keep the husk intact to lauter.

    If you are fermenting on the grain it won't matter. As always, do a trial batch and compare efficiencies.

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    With the hammer mill you're making four. As @punkin states, if you're fermenting and distilling on grain, then it's the right piece.

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