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Filtering before Bottling

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Hi all,

I am trying to figure out what to do before bottling, I was looking to run the product through a 5 micron followed by a .5 micron filter bag before bottling to eliminate any small floaters from either the barrel or from our charcoal filter. I have seen a few different methods from a plate filter to cartridge. I have thought of using bag filters in a drum.

Is this something people have done?


  • I don't know what your application (and size of operation) is but if you're using EnoMatic / EnoMaster for bottling, I believe both of these systems have an option for inline filtering

  • I used a 1 micron filter for Enolmaster.

    However, this is for white spirits, the filter housing will probably clog once I start making gins with fruit added post distillation. In which case I'll need to do filtering before bottling.

  • We are not using enomatic or enomaster for bottling. we are only bottling about 50 gallons at a time. We are using a 6 Spout Gravity Filling Machine for bottling. I figure we could pass the product through a 5 micron filter bag first then through a .5 and then pump directly into our bottle filler.

  • If you have quite a bit of sediment, I would recommend polishing it up a bit with either 5 micron or 1 micron filters, then do a final filtration on the front end of your bottler.

  • I don’t know that I’d trust a half micron bag filter.

  • I use standard 10' pleated water filters I buy online. First a 1 micron then a fine 0.2 micron in series. Research the filter materials and housings for Ethanol resistance. With clear spirits they seem to last forever, with barreled products I generally get around 2000 bottles before they are too plugged with barrel dust to flow. Cheap and easy to use. I run them in series from the holding tank to the filters to the pump to my 6 place filler. The pump draws the spirit through the filter vs pushing through the filter.

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    The following may put things in better perspective.

    @grim said: I don’t know that I’d trust a half micron bag filter.

    A filter bag has a filtration efficiency of approx. 60%. The pleated filter cartridges often mentioned and used herein are nominal rated and do not generally exceed 99% efficiency. The better solution but costs way more is to use absolute rated, Beta 5,000, 99.98% efficient cartridges.

    Generally the pricier the cartridge also means that it has rigid inner and outer pleat support. With this support you can back-flush the cartridge to extend its filter life.

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