Carterhead: Inline or offset for a dedicated Gin still

So what's your opinion on this? I am setting up a dedicated still for gin. Since I will only be using it for gin would an inline setup be OK or is there an advantage to running it offset?


  • If dedicated I'd save some $$$ and run inline.

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    Mine is offset but I like the set up. You can drain the goop that accumulates at the bottom on the head and the condensor is a bit more offset. But mine is close to being inline.


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  • Not having to drain would be one of the major benefits of inline i would have thought.

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  • 100% agree with @Smaug and @punkin.

    When I designed my still, I went inline.

    Inline has won me 2 World's Best products product awards at major international awards. As well as nationally best products.

    That said, I wouldn't be surprised to find offset designs that have achieved the same if not better results.

    There's not right or wrong answers in this business.
    Just ideas but more importantly, how you use them to get the results you need.

  • @TheMechWarrior Thanks - I was more concerned with flavor issues. Your comments make it clear inline doesn't hurt the flavor.

    And thanks to everyone else too.

  • For the dedicated still, it's really more about man hours saved not having to douche your still before moving back to a different spirit program.

    Awards have been achieved using all manner of systems/protocol. I think you'll learn to make amazing spirits no matter the set up.

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  • Exactly what @Smaug said.

    Simplicity was key for me.

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