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Hey guys,

For those of you that have been panela from SugarDaddy,,,if you wouldn't mind sharing your yield results on a per pound basis please.

Further, do you find that the yield on a 20L (beer) kettle charge works out with the same yield ratio as a 50L kettle charge for example?

I have found that I could render right around 1.7 liters of keeper distillate @ 90% abv off of a 30L kettle charge with 10lbs of panela.

Does that sound consistent with what you guys are getting?

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  • I have never done a straight panela run, but I can do a 1000L one in a week or so...

    our first batches when we had no clue what we were doing, were panela and molasses and we got about 12 proof gallons from 20 gallons of molasses and 40lb of sugar... guessing about 7 proof gallons came from the molasses and 5 proof gallons came from the Panela, or maybe 8 and 4... so 1 proof gallon per 10lbs... your 1.75 is about .75 PG per 10lbs...

  • Ironic timing... I have 40kg (88lb) of panela which has been lying in the corner for a few months and was looking at it yesterday and am going to put it in the fermenter over the weekend. I'm planning on doing a 200L wash of straight panela, no molasses.

    I'm planning on stripping with 4 plates in the 200L boiler and then doing a spirit run with 4 plates and a thumper, no delph using the 50L kettle with 2No. 2400W elements. Where I am coming a little unstuck is how "fast" to run the still.

    I did a whisky recently and based on some advice I had received from a friend who makes a good rum I ran low and slow but found that the spirit was very harsh and "ethanoly" and not much flavour came over. Whilst I'm a fan of lighter spirits I feel I ran this much to slow and resulted in a lack of flavour, I was planning on running the panela rum through at around 3,500W power.

    I will let you know how it goes.

  • Thanks Sam

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  • Rather than try to figure out how keeper distillate might compare between distillers, I've gotten roughly 0.1 total PG per pound. Been a long time though so YMMV.

  • agreed... .1 total and .075 good stuff seems to be where it is headed though..

    880lbs of molasses in 1000L ferment gets me 25-35PG of product, to keep that, 300lb of panela... will see how little water it takes, I want to steam it like the molasses, then cool and dilute... have not decided on yeast yet..

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