Distilling Gin in 500L 8" Dash Pro Column

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I've inherited a new partially built 500L pot belly still (model PB500L-A), attached is an 8" Dash Column Pro USG with 3 Bubble Plates. Can I make gin in this model by maceration and distilling with the botanicals in the wash either floating free or in muslin bags, do I need the 8" Copper Helmet? We don't have a 4" Infusion Basket, I think it is possibly too small for this size of still.

Much appreciated.


  • You stand a very high chance of scorching the botanicals with the direct heating elements, even with the agitator. Seat of pants, you need a gin basket of 2% of your capacity, a 50-60L works good with the 1L or so of the GB4, so a 10L basket would likely work good with the 500L. In my personal experience, I have used my 380L still with a 8"x20" spool and a screen like a gin basket(but with no backdrip protection), but have reverted to doing multiple batches in a 60L with the GB4. There is a distinct benefit to running so many batches in the experience you get....

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    Remember that for maceration this is only for Juniper and coriander and nothing else otherwise you will run the risk of scorching as @CothermanDistilling has prior mentioned. The rest must either go into suspended bags or a gin basket.

  • you can always macerate in a separate tank then strain the botanicals out before running. or macerate for a day or so in the still with the botanicals in a bag that you remove before running.

    lots of ways to do things - you just need to work out what works best for you

  • I saw a video and this is what the guy at monkey 47 does. Mascerates at 25% the juniper and coriander and runs the liquid through the still. All other botanicals are in the basket.

  • they have some awesome videos... and a great web page...

  • Was watching some of their videos this morning. Professional and full of fun.

  • Much appreciated, thanks.

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