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I currently cool or heat my fermenters by an internal copper coil that has thermally controlled water circulated through it. Would this coil adversely affect my molasses wash. Just wondering if the flavour profile would be different.



  • Only in the fact that you might ferment different batches at different temps.

    Controlling fermentation temp provides batch to batch consistency.

    It also provides the ability to manage fermentation temp. Cooler fermentation yields cleaner washes with less yeast character - and higher yields.

    Ability to heat provides the ability to finish faster, meaning less microbial contribution - usually means cleaner, but in the case of rum - less funky.

    The copper itself? Irrelevant.

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    Thanks @grim. It was the copper I was worried about as the fermenter stays at 28c all year.

  • Ah no worries at all, it's going to be sparkly bright post-fermentation.

  • I use a tiny pump on a 1000L ferment to push the ferment through a SD 2" PC with great results. The constant flow speeds up fermentation, and keeps the heat from being concentrated at the top few inches, the total volume is a great buffer to keep ferm temps from getting out of control.

    I have also used a 'chillzilla' with good results, but like the look and high flow rate of the SD PC... Just shut off pump when final gravity is reached, and let the yeast settle out. The two returns allow a stepped fermentation starting at 500L, a smaller yeast starter (50L from 5L gives 10x steps and fermentation is nearly instant)

    I am using small chiller in this pic, I also use a 200k btu 'hydronic heater'(aka 'modine') a a HX for cooling. You can use whatever you are already using, just outside the ferment, instead of inside...

    I monitor temp and gravity with a 'Tilt hydrometer' and flow with a small pulse flowmeter, these and the control fo flow and heat/cool can be tied into BruControl($200 software), CraftBeerPi3(free), or a roll your own arduino or pi project.


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    @CothermanDistilling, are you retuning back to the middle or top ??

  • the top, but in a stepped fermentation, the middle is the top at the first stage... "The two returns allow a stepped fermentation starting at 500L"

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    Courtesy of @CothermanDistilling


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  • I LOVE IT... but that is a big freaking pump... I use this Stainless 'MKII' Pump @ Amazon (there are cheaper versions, but chose amazon if it did not like 24x7 usage, which it seems to take in stride... very happy)

    (SD could always have a 19mm TC version made for us)


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  • FYI - I originally start drawing off the racking arm to eliminate picking up sludge, but the slight restriction in the 1" x18" or so racking arm would cause low pressure before the impeller and when the ferment was loaded with CO2, the pump would cavitate (any pump, I tried smaller and larger... the CO2 was just super-saturated), and flow would stop, which is why my rig has a cheapie flowmeter now... When I moved the inlet to the bottom, with it's direct 2" TC fitting, no more cavitation, and sludge was not a problem at all.. this thing circulates a 1000L wash over 4GPM, so it turns over the wash about every 4 hours, and keeps the yeast in suspension which ROCKS....

  • All this talk is getting me interested in making a rum. I cant really do this with ongrain ferments for whiskey. But I just love the extra flavor so much its what I want to do.

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