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Output on Gin Basket

Need some advice on the output path on the gin basket.

Is it OK to go straight to the product condenser through an 90 degree bend, or should there be a longer vapour path between the GB and the PC?

For example, a longer path:

  1. Gin basket
  2. 90 degree bend (upwards)
  3. 180 degree bend
  4. Product condenser



  • Naw.

    Short path from GB discharge to PC is fine.

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  • 90 degree bend. Works for me.

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    90 is fine. Because i change my still between three configurations ( hobby guy ) ie 12 Plates, pot still but use a 5" vertical riser to help match lengths and pot still with gin basket i use various lengths of two inch sections on the down path to make up the lengths. So i dont move from my PC down ( maybe 20 mm to close gap but have my clamps so that is possible ) but after the gin basket and 90 a very short 2 " then on to PC. Actually i bought a 3" PC so a reducer also.

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    The gin basket looks like it has 2 sight glass ports, front and back.

    i.e. there are 4 x 2" connections, despite only 3 being listed on the product page.

    This would suit my setup, since I have 2 x 100 litre boilers, running as a "mirror" of each other due to my layout.

    Is this the sightglass included?

    2" Sight Glass Kit Aluminium Gold @ StillDragon Europe

    i.e. to purchase another one for the other side?

  • The GB4 vapor stream inputs and output ports are on both sides to give the user flexibility in configuration. Ie you can set it up on the left hand or right hand side of your boiler. If you want to put two boilers in there than knock yourself out.

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    That is not what I mean.

    I'm not referring to putting 2 boilers on 1 basket.

    Rather 2 boilers, which are completely independent are "mirrors" of each other, due to my layout.

    So I need 2 baskets. With the sight glass being visible on each, so each basket would also be an exact mirror.

    My question referred to the 4 ports on the basket (only 3 listed on the site).

  • You can use an endcap on the back side port, no need for sa sightglass. But you can put a sightglass on if you wish or even a 2" lens and clamp.

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