Pay by credit card free of costs at the interbank exchange rate & get your payment card for free!

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From time to time the question for paying by credit card without having to use PayPal comes up, and while searching for a suitable solution we have discovered Revolut.

Revolut - Better than your bank account - Sign up here to get your payment card for free »

Revolut offers a free virtual bank account with extensive benefits not known from a regular bank. Revolut is not intended as a substitute for a normal bank account, but to supplement it.

One of the special features is that you can add funds with an existing credit card to your own Revolut account, which are then available immediately for further use (transfer to a bank account or directly to another Revolut user, payment with the included payment card or free conversion into another currency at the interbank exchange rate). The entire administration takes place via the Revolut mobile app, regular online banking via a web browser on the computer is obsolete.

So if you want to pay a bill by credit card although the invoicing party only supports payment by bank transfer, you simply first add the necessary funds by credit card to your own Revolut account using the mobile app (if it doesn't already hold funds) and then do the bank transfer from there (done in no time once the data is stored in your Revolut account).

This is especially beneficial for our customers in countries not using the EUR currency for not having to accept additional fees and a disadvantageous exchange rate!

Revolut is ideally suited to avoid missed payment deadlines (no need to go to your bank, no uncertainty as to whether a payment has been made, no delay of several days until the recipient receives a payment), as well as to pay on vacation abroad at no extra costs in local currency, to send money to family members, friends or relatives quickly, or e.g. to split a restaurant bill, and never lose track of it thanks to the mobile app with integrated budget management.

Anyone who signs up to Revolut via our following link will receive the payment card (Visa, Maestro or Mastercard depending on your country) free of charge and 10 EUR (or the equivalent in your currency, the amount can be different by country) gifted as a bonus:

Simply visit that link on your mobile phone, computer or tablet, enter your own mobile phone number there and you will receive the link for the app download via text message. This works on both Android and iPhone. Then open the Revolut app and follow the instructions.

Registration with Revolut is done via the mobile app in just a few minutes. All you need is your own mobile phone and your passport (to take a picture with the app). To order the free payment card, you have to top-up your Revolut account with the equivalent of at least 10 EUR (this is for verification purposes only, the amount is then available for free use). Once done, the card will be shipped to your address not long after.

The free standard account already offers a lot, but who wants to take even more services from Revolut, can subsequently also switch to a paid account plan.

The free Revolut for Business account (which we are using too) comes with different allowances than a personal account, but it is still completely free with up to two free payment cards and offers currency exchange at the interbank exchange rate with a very low markup. It is of advantage to register a personal account for easier verification first.

Revolut is currently supporting legal residents in the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, and Australia. The EEA includes:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

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    Revolut is coming to the USA as well!

    Revolut is coming to the USA »

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  • Sign up to TransferWise & get a fee-free international transfer!

    TransferWise - The cheap, fast way to send money abroad - Sign up here to get a fee-free international transfer »

    As a popular alternative to Revolut we would like to recommend TransferWise for making international transfers easier and more affordable than what a regular bank is offering as well.

    Anyone who signs up to TransferWise for a free personal or business account via our following link will get a fee-free transfer of up to 500 GBP / 500 EUR (or the equivalent in your currency, the amount can be different by country):

    TransferWise services a different area than Revolut, so if you are in a country where Revolut is not available (yet), you may want to have a look if it is possible for you to use TransferWise instead!

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    To clarify the differences between the two services:

    Making an international transfer by Revolut in their free plan (either personal or Revolut for Business) is already cheaper than with TransferWise.

    But it gets even cheaper when going for a paid plan of Revolut, so either Premium or Metal for a personal Revolut account (if you want to exchange more than the equivalent of 6000 EUR per month), or the Revolut for Business Grow plan if you make more than just the occasional international transfer and/or receive international payments (by SWIFT transfer) as well. It all depends on the amount of transactions and the monthly amount of currency exchange.

    Anyway, it does not hurt to sign up at both services as long as you stay in the free plan and you can go from there depending on the actual usage. With Revolut you can swap between plans at any time, either immediately or at the end of the billing cycle, and that includes the downgrade from a paid plan to the free plan.

    Fact is, it makes absolutely no sense anymore to do international transfers with currency exchange using a regular bank transfer thanks to these two services due to the significant difference in costs (transfer fees and premium on the exchange rate)!

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