Escaping Vapour

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Hi guys,

Just a quick question on a slight issue we have on our still.

When distilling we have the condenser running, it is cold, the distillate is still being produced from the parrot but we are getting vapour escaping from the bottom of the condenser. Does anyone know why this would be happening? And how to stop it happening? We have used the still many times with no issues but it's only recently started doing this so just need to understand what could be causing it and how to fix the issue.

We fully dismantle the still after each run and clean.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Have also emailed StillDragon for some technical support on this too.


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  • how cold is the distillate? if it is not steaming hot, you should not get vapor... Got a pic of your setup? How long is your condenser? You are pumping cold in from bottom and hot out the top, correct? Do you have any stainless scrubbies inside the tubes? (can help, but not required)

  • Pics of the set up?

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  • The only time that has happened to me was when my vapor overpowered my condenser. I DO get a powerful smell as the wash/mash is heating up but no vapor if everything is set correctly. Cold water inlet on BOTTOM of condenser. After installing my GB4 I accidentally hooked the cold inlet to the top and couldn't get the distillate temp down.


  • I did that once. But only once. Cooling water incoming at the bottom of the condensor.

  • Hi there - same thing is happening to me right now - really broke my brain !! Last 50l run of bourbon from a two hundred litre batch !! Condenser on before neck was hot enough to allow product over, and then cold white vapour billowing out for thirty seconds, I was like what the ... and moved parrot out way- thought condenser malfunction, nope , then the product started to flow, turned one element off and dropped temperate - it’s still doing it but only just!! I realise now It’s the starchy gel burning on the elements!! You can taste it in background - shouldn’t have been so greedy with the siphon

  • Tried to post video of it but can’t!! It’s pretty trippy and in the whole taste is pleasantly smoky so it can stay I think

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