Price Reductions Again

Due to the massive order i have coming in the next week or two i have saved once again on shipping. This means that these reductions will be passed on to you, the customers as has happened so many times before.

It will probably be right across the range eventually as i work it all out, but i'll be starting with the clamps that have been higher priced than i would like due to having to airfreight lately from trying to keep up with demand. I have now bought many hundreds more of each size to try and keep the costs down for you guys.

Ferrules are covered for now, but i may be able to look at other parts as required, it's a big shipment, another 5 cbm, so if there's something you want give me an email and i will see if there's any room to move on it.

As usual this will be an ongoing thing as we strive to deliver the best value possible for our customers. I will be looking at full prices for Dash units and working out the pricing for the new range of Crystal Dragons and obviously this will have some impact on the new range of Aussie Take Away Stills.

No specials, just full time reduction in prices.


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    That's great news Punkin. You're always striving to give the customer a better deal!

    edit: are the Conical bases in this order? :D

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    Yes mate, they will be landing shortly. Conical bases for kegs, great idea for sure.

    There will also be Gin Baskets (6 in total, 3 presold) , 4" Crystal Dragon's, more stock of all the stainless i'm out of like 4" x 510mm packing sections (last one sold last week).

    I haven't kept up with all the general enqires, but if anyone definately wants a GB4 kept aside for them and their intials aren't ML, RK or GG or if they want baskets and their intials aren't AD then best get back onto me now, apologies for having a brain like a sieve. :))

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  • Just doing the sums on the Dash Units and Take Aways this morning, the clamp reduction shaves $60 off a 4 plate Dash and $70 off a 6 plate unit.

    The 4 plate Macca Crackers will come in now at $1240 and the Great Aussie Take Away Still at $1180.

    This is regular pricing achieved by adding all the parts needed through the cart.

    I'll change the pricing now to reflect this. :)>-

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • Wishing I had ordered back then :p

    Sorry for thread dig haha

  • Still cheaper by a long shot than the copies :)>-

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  • What are conicle bases?

  • I have one left mate and won't be ordering more in the near future. They are an 8 x 2 reducer with a branch for collection. The idea was one of Philters great ideas and it was to weld an 8" ferulle to the keg and use the reducer to fashion a cheap conical fermenter.

    There is a thread here somewhere on em that someone who is better at searching than me might be able to find.

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    @punkin said: Still cheaper by a long shot than the copies :)>-

    I know hence why I went with you, Im not complaining just kicking myself for not ordering earlier haha

    I would have some really drinkable product by now

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    You'll just have to think of it as a life long investment that will bring joy to your grandkids. Couple of months won't upset you then :))

    It was the drop in the exchange rate that cruelled things. Back then we were getting over parity with the US$.

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  • Yeah well I worked out after 100 Bottles of Neutral I will break even ;)

    I thought it would have been due to the exchange rate, im in the logistics and supply chain feild so I know how things are.

    My last order to the states was for 12X 40 foot containers :p

    China I've got 10 containers coming in this month haha

  • @punkin is right, clamps simply cannot be sent by express because the postage costs as much or more than the clamps because they are so heavy.
    Sea freight, although slow as cold molasses compared to express shipping, is definitely the cost effective way but it takes a huge commitment.
    So glad to see Australia enjoying Punkin's resolve to get lower prices by his stepping up with bigger sea freight orders.

    I know first hand how difficult it is to allocate funds to individual items as the sea freight order total begins to swell into really big numbers. Then to have the shipment finally arrive and most, or even all, of some items spoken for before they arrive and the next sea freight is at least 3 to 4 months away and WE'RE ALMOST OUT OF 4" CLAMPS AGAIN. Then the reality of expensive express shipping to get by sets in yet again.

    Being able to lower the retail price is because of his careful long term planning and his finger-on-the-pulse of what his customers want.
    But it's still a very hard decision which items and how many of each when placing an order that totals so much.

    Kinda cool that we, the SD team, has made it this far. Wasn't but a few years ago (almost 4 years I recon) that I vended 2 dozen 2" ferrules to Punkin and later a few Bubble Balls. From there, Tan joined the team and SD grew like a virus. I was then free to bring new items to market (my passion) and her to get best price (her DNA).
    USA was added after OZ but has been the powerhouse of sales, of course.

    Hum, maybe more info than necessary?
    Probably, but I know my roots and Punkin, Tan and Smaug (USA distributor) made StillDragon possible for me.
    Since then @SDeurope has been added as distributor for all EU sales and also this forum has been an unmitigated success.

    That leaves me to play with distilling adventures, looking around at stuff and checking out girls butts when no-one is looking. I love my job.

    Enough about me and how much I enjoy steamed, stuffed dumplings in the morning...

    What do you want from your StillDragon? Talk to your distributor, tell them what you want.
    Believe me they will let me know what to produce for you!

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