DIY Controller on 120V Circuit Question

(USA) I did a search but couldn't find an answer. I assembled the DIY Controller Kit, but presently, we only have 120V 15A circuits available. I am using a 500W lamp as my simulated load. It seems that the provided POT starts working when I turn the POT to about 50%. I'm assuming that is the way this should work. Can someone clarify this observation?

I have one of those cheap digital Ammeter / Voltmeter installed and at 100% I am seeing 121V and 3.93 Amps which seems close to the expected draw of the 500W lamp.

Everything is setup to go to 240V in the future with the exceptions of plugs, sockets and element. We are using an 8 gallon milk can as our pot and are expecting to use up to 5 gallons of "mash", maximum. The still is a homemade Bokabob.



  • Need a different pot.

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    @Smaug said: Need a different pot.

    I understand that for 120V an appropriate POT is recommended (which one if we change it?) but we are planning on going to 240V later on and wanted to simplify things and save a few $$s. I thought that I read somewhere that the POT that comes with the DIY Controller Kit WILL work with 120V, but will be limited to 50% of the graphic range but still allow 100% adjustment within that range (a minor adjustment will be skewed by 50%). I would just like to someone to confirm what I see. That's all and thanks.

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