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Prayers to Punkin



  • @punkin Exceellent news! Glad to hear you are doing well. Keep us posted. :-bd

  • OK! that's a good recovery - nice to see someone on the upswing 8-X

  • MJ, so good to hear from you again.

  • Great news Punkin take it easy for a while and be sure to drink plenty of water to that body flowing naturally

  • Yep, what @cooperville said. Drink lots of water. My slicer/dicer surgeon said if I'd drank more water then my surgery could have been avoided. I force down more H2O than is normal to placate that fellow wielding the scalpel. I now have Frankenstein legs to remind me to stay hydrated. He gets pissed if he sees me without a bottle of water.

    Been almost 3 years now and at first walking was a complete and total effort but everyday it got better and today I almost don't feel the leg and foot pain. Most days I don't even notice it. Considering I almost lost the foot and perhaps the whole damned leg I feel lucky I hooked up with the right doctor that put me to rights.

    I obeyed him religiously and I suggest everyone to do the same with their doc. Though there was a sight problem when he told me to stop drinking and smoking while we were partying together and he was smoking my cigarettes and drinking my booze.

  • How are you Punkin?????? I hope good bro Haven't been on in awhile and the first thing I see when I get on here is you're having open heart surgery.. I hope you are dong well....Cheers Chris

  • Thanks Chris, good now have my first pot of beer in hand from my own tap, looking forward to a night in bed where no-one is going to wake me up 3 times to take blood or temperatures.

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  • edited November 2013

    :)>- @punkin glad you getting along so well! Best wishes!

    It is what you make it!

  • Lol I understand bro..... well I am truly glad that you are ok..

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