kg/h conversion to kWh

I have seen a boiler for sale.

It's Chinese built and looks very nicely made.

The boiler plate says that it makes 50 kg/h at 100 PSI and is rated to 170°C.

It is only a 30L boiler, and is gas fired.

Can someone tell me how many kW/h is 50 kg/h equal too?


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    130000 btu or about 38kwh.

    These may lack the appropriate certifications for your local jurisdiction.

  • Just to be clear, that's boiler output, not input power.

  • seat of the pants, my unikeggle boiler with 16.5Kw of electric heat will add 20KG of weight to the molasses I am heating in an hour.. so my rough guess is about 40kw..

  • From my days in the coal-fired power plant:
    Boiler rating. 1kW = 3.28 steam pounds per hour

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • I can confirm that the Chinese boilers do not come with certification or meet your local legal requirements. When I insisted they must, the price more than doubled.

    I asked a local company to recertify them once they landed in Aus, firstly the cost was prohibitive, secondly, costums would not allow entry to the country as they didn't meet safety specs for a pressure vessel.

    If it's cheap, it's cheap for a reason. Certification is expensive for a reason, it puts the responsibility oom the certifying bodies.

    If you use it uncertified, meeting no minimum local safety requirements, you are solely responsible for the resulting damage caused to lives and other business impacted by a singular focus on cheap and and fast.

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