I have a ? On Concord Grapes

Once the bunch are picked do they still ripen or are they as ripe as they are going to get?
I checked on the web and answers were 50/50 some say yes some say no,WTH

It is what you make it!



  • Can't imagine that any fruit would not continue to ripen, up to the point they begin to rot.

    I remember seeing a film about a winery testing the sugar content of their grapes with a hand held refractometer. I assume they were wanting an ideal brix but I've no idea what that perfect sugar content would be.

    I'm pretty sure a winery wants to process the grapes as soon as possible after picking from the vine because any bruising would quickly lead to rot.

  • Thanx for your response Lloyd,we picked 4 20l buckets full and there is about the same still on the vines but were not as ripe,thinking of Brandy or as Emptyglass suggested Pisca/Pisco instead of making the wine first,but the wife gets one bucket for jelly. It has frosted here so the grapes are coming on strong now,trying to get them before the critters!

    It is what you make it!

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    They ripen a tiny bit, if they loose water, then the sugar content go's up.

    Reply from the wine maker i sit next to....

  • :)>- thanx LoO

    It is what you make it!

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