Trying A New Yeast

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Just wondering if anyone has had experience with Fermentis SafSpirit C-70 yeast for molasses fermentation. I am hoping to produce a medium to heavy bodied rum. I am currently using 493EDV.



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    Love to know your thoughts if you try.

    Never tried C-70 - as it’s described as an all-a-rounder.

    493 is the prototypical rum yeast, it appears in a good amount of published studies on rum (Faharasmane, Ganou-Parfait, INRA, etc). Arguable one of the most studied rum strain, and one of the first strains specifically selected for rum.

    Though the C-70 descriptions clearly indicate common use in rum as well.

    What about non-yeast levers? Backset % or tails redistillation %.

  • Currently using 20% backset and tails down to 20% alc/v from last run for five runs.

  • Yeah that’s big flavor territory

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