Rose Petals for Gin Basket?

And advise experience with rose petals for use in a carter head?

Was thinking about trying some with neutral spirit.


  • Little bit goes a long way in making it taste like grandma’s soap.

  • I have used rose petals in a GB4 in a floral gin. Rose is a very delicate flavor and in a gin run comes out at the end of a run, along with lavender if your using both. Just with neutral should be ok. Use either fresh or dried petals. But its a subtle aroma/flavor. The petals degrade quickly at high temp and tend to form a soggy mass if lumped together. For that reason in a gin run i will cut up the petals into small squares and blend them into the other botanicals. If your doing a straight alcohol run you might want to use some rasching rings or something to stop them becoming a soggy mass and clogging up your basket.

  • Don’t want grandmas soap !!!! Hahaha Thanks for the tips . I will give it a go and see what happens .

  • I think with florals, subtle goes a long, long way.

    We use about .15 grams per finished bottle of dried Elderflower blossoms in the gin basket with our gin.

    It's a fairly tiny amount, 3.5 grams in a basket, running 24 bottles per basket. I guess it's maybe about a tablespoon's worth, if those measurements make more sense to you.

    But I like having florals be just slightly over the threshold of perception. You get a floral note, but not quite sure exactly what it is. It's present, adding to complexity, but it's not anywhere near the level of overpowering. It shouldn't be the star, if it is it'll ruin the show.

  • Thanks for the info guys
    Using the carter head is fun and has soo many options . I ran rose petals and grapefruit peel this weekend in a neutral and it came out nice.

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