Single Wall Kettle Pics

Hey could you guys running our single wall kettles post some pics that illustrate how you ran your electric from your element (guard) to your disconnect/switch boxes please.

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  • no pic tonight, but

    10AWG SOOW or SEOOW wire from SD EGK to L6-30P plugs, plugged into L6-30R receptacles in 4x4 conduit boxes (at least 5' away)

    3 of the above boxes connected with 3/4" conduit with 10AWG THNN stranded wire running to control panel with 30A supplementary breaker for each outlet(6 total strands plus a ground), all wired to a 50A 3-pole contactor then 6ga wire to building breaker panel 3-pole 50A breaker

    2 boxes (mine only has 5 elements total) wired with individual circuits like the above but just to 30A breaker in the building panel

  • And a couple plastic garden hose hangars on the wall to keep cords off the floor.

  • daddad
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    10AWG to 50 amp welding plugs, to 30AMP Breakers


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    DAD... not yours.. ah, hell... I don't know...

  • Not your kettle but a three element 150L setup with manual controls.

    Three switches turn on the elements, one on each phase. One element has the controller for 0-23a. Lines run direct from the switches to the SD element guards. Still also is hard grounded with a wire to building ground.

    All elements and outlets are GFI/RCD protected.

    We didn’t do explosion proof stuff but we did do outdoor weather rated sealing where possible.


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