How to get 96% proof


New to all this side of it all, been making beer for 30 odd years on and off. Looking for a configuration with 200-300 litre boiler and this is were I get lost a bit, the column, would like to take the clear spirit of at 96% vodka quality?

Would a 4”or 6” column be best and how many bubble plates would be best?

Looking forward to your help and thank in advance.



  • Lotta plates and then some.

    OR quite a few runs. 96% ain't easy.


  • 10 plates minimum IMHO, the stuff I made with 8 plates was crap, even after distilling 3-4 times... a big waste of energy, but a lot of knowledge gained...

    For comparison, I use 26-30 plates on an 8" to get 20L/hr.. on a 4", you are looking at 5/7L/hr...

  • I’m with @CothermanDistilling. 10 plate minimum. I have 11 and can get 95-96 but it’s not quite where I want it so I’m adding 4-5 more plates. My 4” runs 4-6l per hour at that rate.

    Also your boiler will want to be some even fraction of the size of your fermenter (plus a bit for headspace and bubbles) so you can finish a fermenter with an even number of runs.

    Eg: 1000l fermenter would want a 350-380l boiler so it’ll do 3 runs comfortably.

  • try a packed section in lieu of or in addition to some plates

    why 96%? (fyi there's a big difference between 96 proof & 96%ABV ;))

    Your wash, yeast variety & health, fermentation regime & temperature, run speed, reflux ratio and cuts will all affect the quality of your output. Just cause you're collecting 96%abv doesn't necessarily mean it'll be nice clean product...

  • thanks it is 96% ABV and from making beer all these years I know its from stage one and not just the end

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