Hi everyone :)

I was wondering if someone could help me choose what’s parts I would need.

I was looking at buying a water distiller from Amazon so that I could reclaim the alcohol I am using to make tinctures (save money) but they are quite pricey for what they are and I realised I could buy a start up still instead for just a little more money.

Buying a pot still configuration would give me a lot more options in the future , as eventually I could use it to make my own alcohol as well (win win).

I have two beer kegs I acquired for the future but at the moment I would like to attach a 1 gallon vessel to the configuration to reclaim my alcohol and also I would like to fill that vessel too with 35% vodka to make 95% alcohol as it is hard to purchase that where I live.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated, I realise this is not the normal run of the mill question for you good people but in the future I would like to expand this system to do normal runs too.

Sorry for all the hassle,

happygolucky :)


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