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[SOLD] High Performance Random Packing - Saddle RIngs

304 Stainless Saddle RIngs for sale for packing your column - $20/quart or $70/gallon plus shipping


600 x 800 - 65K


  • Hi performance? How so?

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  • Just reiterating manufacturer name/statements...Higher capacity and efficiency than comparably sized pall rings. Combines the advantages of both saddle rings and pall rings into one design. Similar to IMPT Intalox Packing. Unique shapes assures low liquid holdup and low pressure drop across the packed area.

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    What is the recommended column diameter for a ring that has an inside open area the size of a dime?

    Not hobby, micro or even,,,,"boutique" sized equipment.

    Is the ring structure etched?

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  • For 25mm Intalox would be about 12” diameter.

  • Per the manufacturer's recommendation, they were used in a 6" diameter column

  • There is no etching on the surface

  • @Smaug said: Hi performance? How so?

    looking online

    that is third gen(1970-1990) IMPT design

    The new stuff is 'Raschig Super-Ring' is like this: Raschig Super-Ring (PDF)

    I think we should see what size is good for 4/8/12" columns (likely the smallest ones) and do a group buy

    I would buy a bucket/5-10lb worth or more

  • Looks like a hose clamp. I don't get it.

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  • all about the surface area per volume while not causeing a restriction..





    160 x 136 - 6K
    547 x 362 - 29K
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    Sure I understand how random and structured packing work pretty well.

    It's just that out of the millions of potential shapes that might be worthy of having the descriptor of "super",,,,,,This one here looks like an unremarkable hose clamp.

    Things that make you go "huh?"

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  • Yeah, to some extent some of the unique shaping has more to do with being able to protect the IP behind it.

    The big brains do the development on the next best thing, and then the copycats jump in once the big boys move on to the newest design.

    Two things to keep in mind that drive shape, that we don't necessarily care so much about.

    Ability to clean in place, and the ability to support it's own weight without collapse. In a huge column, things like this are more important than sheer HETP performance.

    You are absolutely paying for the engineering behind it, because at first glance, it looks like a bit of scrap metal that's come off a press as the left-behind waste. Believe me when I say that Koch Glitsch is very proud of their metal bits.

  • how much does a (-insert unit such as cubic meter-) cost?

  • @CothermanDistilling said: how much does a (-insert unit such as cubic meter-) cost?


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    @CothermanDistilling said: how much does a (-insert unit such as cubic meter-) cost?

    check out ali - USD$350-USD$1899 per cubic meter

  • @crozdog said: check out ali - USD$350-USD$1899 per cubic meter

    I am up for a 1/5 of a cubic meter if 4 others want to go in and someone decides what size "super rasching ring" is good for spanning the 4/8/12" column range... any other takers in the US?

  • I'm in for a 1/5 if it's on the smaller side.

  • I need to get my continuous gns redistillation rig up and running.

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    Minimum tower diameter for random packing columns @ Koch-Glitsch

    Small columns are often used in pilot plant applications and low throughput commercial applications. Packings are generally used in small diameter towers because of mechanical constraints and poor tray efficiency associated with small diameter trays with short flow path lengths. However, there are practical mechanical limitations on setting the minimum tower diameter for packed column designs.

    The mechanical limitation is described by a rule-of-thumb guideline called the “rule of eights (8s)”. For random packings, the minimum tower diameter should be greater than or equal to approximately 8 times the nominal packing diameter. This guideline insures that the packing will adequately fill the column cross-sectional area and will provide a packed bed with a uniform bulk density. By following this guideline, wall effects in small diameter towers will be minimized. In addition, the vapor and liquid traffic will maintain proper distributions throughout the bed, so that maximum packing efficiency will be achieved.

    Generally, tower internals do not limit the minimum tower diameter, provided that the hydraulic fluxes fall within normal design ranges. Specialized designs are often used for small diameter tower internals.

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    15mm packing = 120mm / 4.72" or larger column

    25mm packing = 200mm /7.87" or larger column

    Given desire for very small HETP, I'd say the smallest packing possible - 15mm.

  • I'm not necessarily looking for absurd HETP, but the IMTP style in 15mm - that's 15" equivalent height per plate. That's not necessarily high distillation performance.

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    I suggest that you look to my helical coil packing, OD 10mm.

    Pricing .... The best is to sell by weight .....
    USD 34 / kg ..... (approx 570 pieces) ex SA.


    800 x 751 - 106K
  • I think you will find that it nowhere near the performance of the super rasching rings. The weight per cubic meter is going to be huge, the surface area lower, the flow resistance higher..

  • I probably have at least 1 CF to unload if anyone is interested ;-)

  • Yes, the mass estimation is 1,525 kg/m3 for helical coil.

  • they are much much less than that, and they get a square meter of surface area out of a single Kg..

    Raschig Super-Ring Metal and Plastic Random Dump Packing Product Bulletin 200 (PDF)

  • If someone has access to the Wiley stuff via their work or something, this looks like an awesome article.. on using packing with ethanol/water:

    They use an 8" diameter 1.2 meter packed section and testing with 4 sizes, metal, plastic, and the IMTP version

    A Study on Modern High Effective Random Packings for Ethanol‐Water Rectification @ Wiley Online Library

  • Vendome is using Mellapak structured packing in their vodka and gns redistillation systems.

  • I remember seeing that sort of a few years back on alibaba and thinking how far beyond me it was.. now I want it.. that stuff would be uber cool, if anyone gets it for 8", I will go in on enough to fill a 20" long TC spool or two...

    Would be cool to have pre-made version available in the store(s) that has a spool with a retainer welded into the bottom and the right packing installed, but I already ask for too much, instead, maybe if a few of us shake out the concept and build them and determine the best components and setup, we can help them get it in the store...

  • 6” hetp in a small column - its not bad.

  • I agree - sell 4’ Or 1m spool sections pre packed with structured.

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