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I have a small milk can boiler 20L with a 3" sight glass filled with copper rings in it. No active reflux. Power is at the moment to low 600-800W due to restrictions on my stow (not optimal) but the quality turned out very good. I used 8 kg of sugar, 4 packages a 42 g baking yeast, 280 g double tomato paste and one lemon (I cut off the peel and only used the fruit flesh). Everything for 50L.

Stripped it in 3 goes, took always away 10-20 mL fores, took the following 50 mL to the next run together with everything coming between 38-10%. The part 75-38% was diluted down to 38% for the spirit run (I added some liters of wash that didn't fit in the stripping runs). Forgot to take the heads and fores off the spirit run but not the tails. What makes me confused is that the spirit is quite neutral (well, it has a taste but its nice) and nice despite this mistake.

Should I bother running the spirit run once more? Its so slow :( 12h the spirit run took with heating up and collecting tails after 38%. Or is it possible to stop the process after the heads and fores are taken off? Any experience out there?

PS I was very happy with this wash...


  • Don’t do cuts on your stripping run on a still like that. If it takes three runs then fine. Just strip it out then dump it all together, dilute as much as you can with clean, filtered, chlorine free water and do a spirit run with cuts.

    Too bad about the low input power. That’s sounds brutal.

  • I will add 3 T sections with plates and have a new heat source soon 2200 / 1000 w. I am not sure if its 1200 +1000 or 2200 + 1000 w because my multimeter just broke down. I still will cut my strippingruns at least at 10 % (stop it) an if i will be present take 10 ml of the heads and send the following 50 ml to the next even if I would use a timer. But you are right. At the moment i think the passive reflux from a 3” stainless coloumn with (from the bottom) 1 100 mm with bubble plate, 1 sightglass with rings 180 mm, and 3x T 125 mm with bubble plates will do. Thats what i will get.

    And yes, its brutal you need at least 1200 w to be happy. The stow i had has some kind of overheating guard in it and my milk can an airgap. No burnt stuff however, it still had a light color when i poured it out.

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    Problem solved 1200W and 1000W... lets see if if not 2200W is not too much...

    Its 4 ProCaps (one at each level) copper rings now, without active reflux.



    800 x 598 - 104K
    800 x 598 - 74K
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