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Craft says you? Sure, whatever you say.

This is the kind of overreach that will continue to completely de-value the craft in a legitimate "craft" market space.

Since when should filling a cup with coffee flavored sugar water dispensed from a slurpee machine, and topped with whipped cream that is dispensed from an aerosol can, then drizzled with some fake ass chocolate poured into a chaffing dish from a # 10 "can-o-chocolate syrup",,,,be considered anything craft?

Rant over.


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  • There is are a couple of guys here setting up a "craft" destillery here in Mendoza. The budget for their building was US$2m and they have 3 x 6000 litre boilers that were made in 1908 in Italy. Rather than slog it out learning the craft of making whiskey they hired an Austrian Distiller to set up and get thier facility running. I guess it helps if your daddy has 3000 hectares of apples and pears and nectarines. Another family here set up a "craft" distillery. It helps if you have a supermarket chain and can dump US$5m into it.

    Still I am learning my craft in my garage. I just made a great quinoa whiskey yesterday and I have a really nice Quinoa Bourbon that just came out of an american oak 30 l barrel. Now I am going to trying a smoked quinoa bourbon which is on the recipe list. Lots of goodness to try.

  • @DonMateo it's like when Cutwater Spirits set up their multi-million dollar facility here in San Diego a few years ago and just sold to AB-Inbev a few weeks ago. Yeah, super "craft" haha. Granted, if money really is a big part of what we feel "craft" is, we should also take issue with people running Kothe, Carl and Vendome equipment too, let alone the use of NGS or other forced alcohol.

    I personally feel we should scrap the word entirely because of it's severe lack of universal definition and general pompousness. Just because people want to feel special doesn't mean they should be able to mislead the public using some arbitrary word, whether it be a brewery, distillery, or the muppets @Smaug posted up top. We have fucking "craft tacos" here in San Diego, it's that sad.

    The California 74 Craft Distillery license is literally based on output/year (with a few other stipulations), so why bother with an obscurely-defined category when we already had the Nano/Micro/Macro categories that could actually be easily defined via an allocated output/year without the bullshit? Answer: people like to feel special.

    Much like Smaug, rant over haha. Cheers

  • To be a craft distiller inn Washington State, more than half of every product's material must be certified grown in the state. That determines a lot of what we can do.

    Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller

    my book, Making Fine Spirits

  • I use only artisinal small batch toilet paper.

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    Can't get handcrafted one off papyrus sheets where you are?


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  • @grim said: I use only artisinal small batch toilet paper.

    Meh,,,,banana leaves here B-)

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  • Organic or Paleo?

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    @grim said: Organic or Paleo?

    Ya know,,,,,,,,,,I don't know? I should check and see.....

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  • Keep in mind mangos are related to poison ivy, so mango tree leaves are a no-go.

    Don’t ask me how I know that...

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

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    This would be appropriate here.

  • It's about time.

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