Where to find molasses

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Looking to do my first Rum ferment, but I haven’t been able to find molasses other than in a 500g jar. Can anyone recommend somewhere to get it in Perth? And should I look for a specific grade?

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  • You can look for restaurant or bakery supply stores. They have food grade molasses by the gallon or bucket

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    Have you tried the stock feed places? That's where I get mine from (in Sydney not Perth)

    I did a quick search and found these couple of links for you

  • Most Rural feed stores have it in bulk. BYO container. Have fun, its sticky as hell when cold! I was banned from fermenting molasses washes in the house, they made it smell absolutely delicious!!

  • Dunno about Australia, but in the US agricultural molasses sometimes has urea in it, which can't be great for rum. The Land o' Lakes brand I've used in the past in the US has no urea and makes absolutely great rum. Strongly flavored rum, mind you, and not that dainty silver stuff.

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  • Thanks all. @crozdog I followed the advice in that link and called the store rather than just looking in the website or walking round the store like I did yesterday. Bingo, they keep it out back and fill the pails as required. 25kgs Was $37 including the pail. Now I have to learn how to use it...

  • On the south end of a northbound mole?

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  • good stuff @Dreamer dissolve the bucket of molasses & 25 kg sugar in a 200l drum, add yeast and your away.

  • Seems very expensive. The refinery molasses or food grade molasses here is $1.00 a kg, the C grade or cattle grade is a third of that. Must be a Perth thing.

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    Transport costs money.

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  • Hopefully I can make something drinkable out of it! So far I’m 0 for 2!

  • Keep at it @Dreamer mate. If it was easy everyone could do it. The first two whiskey washes I did I screwed everything up and only got about 2 litres out of 400litres of wash. I wasnt crying in my beer I was crying in my crap whiskey. But the next one I got 10 litres out 200 and then I got 20 litres out of 200 litres. The first time I did a corn whiskey moonshine run I used whole grain and didnt cook it right and I got a litre out of 200litres. After a half a dozen runs I am getting 25 litres of low wines out of a 200litre run. Its an experiential thing. Once you have the knowledge no-one can take it away.

  • Thanks @DonMateo, you must have ready my mind - just wrote another post about my failures so far! I'm sure i will get there eventually and the journey along with the frustration is absolutely part of the attraction. If it was easy it would be boring.

  • As JFK said we choose to go to the moon not because it is easy but because it is hard. If you want to do easy things then go and make beer. I figured out a little while ago, that I have probably fucked up about 20 % of my runs in the last 2 years that I have been working out my recipes while waiting to get the money together to buy a shed to do my distillery. Which is about 10 in about 50 runs. But each time I screw up I figure out what went wrong and then keep going and fix it. Keep at it mate. There are plenty of people on this board who acknowledge when they fuck up and how many times they have, and probably a lot who dont. You didnt learn to ride a bike in a day.
    Anyway I am just sipping on a very nice smoked quinoa whiskey I am running right now feeling very clever. The last two times I tried the same recipe both washes failed because I fucked up and the yeast was cooked at the temperature inside the tank got too hot in the sun. The wait was worth it.

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    Brewing good beer is not easy. It is the hard part of making good distilled spirits. Distilling is the easy part.

    As George Fuechsel said, "GIGO."

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • Keep at it @dreamer. No matter what, there are some mistakes you always seem to repeat. last weekend i was filling the boiler and then realised i hadn't closed the drain valve. Couldn't tell you how many times i've done that. lol

  • Haha thanks guy, @crozdog i havel already done that twice...

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