Cup of Distillers and Moonshiners Guild 2019 in Samara, Russia

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On November 2, 2019, the cup of distillers and moonshiners will take place in Russia, the city of Samara.

Home distillers and samoghonschiki will gather to chat pleasantly, to share their experiences in the preparation of alcoholic beverages.

There will also be a tasting of homemade drinks.


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    @Rinat, looks like we need a representative as yourself there. ;)

    Please post more information about this event if you like.

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  • All the detailed information will be laid out here, who are interested come to the event.

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    In the guild cup I suggest the following categories of drinks:

    1. Grains aged (whiskey, bourbon, etc.)
    2. Unripened cereals (half-wheat, half-rye, etc.)
    3. Fruit ripened (brandy, brandy)
    4. Unripe fruit (fruit vodka)
    5. Tinctures (not sweet)
    6. Infusions (sweet
    7. Exotic (rum, tequilla)
    8. Genie, absinthe.

    Each participant can declare no more than 3 drinks in each category.
    More information can be discussed.

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