T500 Boiler Output?

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Good day,

Would it be possible to run 3" bubble sections and a 3" packed column on the T500 boiler (think its 1800watt)? With one ProCap per plate, how many bubble sections and how long a column would I be able to use, I was hoping for, at least, four plates and a 80cm column. Would there be any advantage in regards to product collection compared to using the 2.5" glass bubble sections?

Any info would be greatly appreciated


  • Do remember that the T500 boiler top can't take much weight... That's with the 2" StillDragon adapter to tri-clamp. Make a 3" hole and heavier column and the situation got worse. Unless you replace the top completely that is.

  • thanks @squeakyclean , I was going to use the adapter to tri-clamp then a 3" to 2" reducer onto which the rest of the 3" bits go, I will use pipe hangers if need be to support the weight. What do you think of the power of the boiler? enough to charge the plates etc?

  • Your output rate is limited to your input power. You are not going to get the full benefit of the extra diameter. Yes you can activate the plates and you'll likely never need a reflux condenser due to all the passive reflux.

    Just my opinion though.



  • gday only1 have you considered selling your T500 boiler and setting yourself up with a beer keg boiler? There’s a strong demand for the T500 boilers so you should get more than enough $$ to cover the cost of setting up your beer keg boiler even with a power controller!

  • yes, selling the t500 might be my best option, i really want to future proof myself as much as possible with my limited budget

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