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Hello Everyone,

We've been in the process of building a new Website directed at Building your online Distillery Brand, Promoting Brands & Pushing your current Website above the competitors. The site is www.LocalMicroDistillers.com, the site is a free way to promote your brands. The site is currently in testing mode, and we'd appreciate any questions, feedback or ideas. Once you create an account, you can access all the features, and and all data submitted on our networks will go "Live" on a daily basis. Below is an overview of the Features and Marketing challenges we believe can make a Distiller's Marketing life easier.

The Local Micro Distillers site is a web based Marketing system for SEO and Brand Promotion. We've built a search engine into the site that currently processes and submits our listings to the big 3 search networks (Google, Bing & Yahoo) daily, and will automatically place search algorithm's on your listings that you can specify to push your listings out to our partner networks. The idea of other websites picking up your listings is nothing new, but our search engine can speed up the process x 20. Our search engine will also create solid back-links to promote your website that the search engines will follow.

Our search engine is the key to this site, it allows anyone to upload and create listings of their Distillery and Brands, with pictures, video, links, back-links for SEO, and promotional email systems for mass email updates to your clients, followers and partners. Imagine creating a listing on our system, within a few weeks we've pushed your Brand Name to your local city partner networks, a few more weeks to your state networks, and then to our International network of partners. We believe its critical to begin marketing your Brands and building a following now, before the distributors are asking who you are. Its also important to use accurate listing data for your website. If you don't have a website yet, let us know and we can build one for you, that's optimized and ready for your new Brands!

Additional Premium Features: Facebook, Google+, Instagram & Social Analytics for your Listings and Website - Brand Recognition and Interaction with our Networks

Additional Features Coming Soon: International Brand Promotion Material Creation with a World Class Photographer & Video Crew - Take a few snapshots and have your media converted into custom photographs and media outlets.

Our goal is to push your Brand to the top of your Market!

visit our site at www.LocalMicroDistillers.com


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