Smell in the first run

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Hi Guys,

First of all, I'm really glad to be part of this community, its a great help!

We just acquired our first 50L pot and 3 bubble plate. We did the cleaning run with vinegar as explained and went to our first experiment with the aroma basket. The first time, we distillate some 96% ethanol diluted to under 20% with tap water (we live in the mountain so we have a perfect good clean tap water) we ended up with a weird smell, bad sink/egg. We thought it comes from the water so now we are using a inverse osmosis to purify the water. Did a second batch and ended up with the same smell... After cleaning again everything and changing alcool, the smell comes again. Today, I was going to clean it and discover that the plate took all a distinctive Color lee you can see in the picture.

Does anyone as any clue about this smell... could it be the still itself?

Thanks for the help, this is getting me mad!

Sorry for my broken English, we are from France! =D


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    Plates look fine, it's not the still. You can clean everything really well with clean water to rinse, but two distillations will remove most contaminents.

    It could be the water, but if you are using reverse osmosis, it's not the water.

    What's the source of your alcohol going in? What do you have loaded in the basket?

  • We are using some ethanol made industrially from beetroots, this afternoon im going to try a bio one maybe its that! The ABV of my still is between 3 and 15% for the distillation I've made. I'm doing single botanic distillation for the moment so I try with, camomile, juniper, elderflower fruits, and a type of ginger roots, also I tried with all of them at once and the smell came back. The only one that has not got smell is the ginger roots one....

    It is so weird, I started to. think its the moon influence! hahah

    Thank you for such a quick response!

  • ya the beets

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  • Shiiiit! Do you have any tips to take this smell off?

    Thank you so much!

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