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On other forums I've noticed some folks talk about whether we should be using pressure relief valves on our Stills. SDEurope mention that one of the top 2" ports on a 100L milkcan (for example) can be used as a site glass etc or a pressure relief valve. Has anyone configured their boilers with these? If so, what type / where do you source please?

I'm currently thinking that it's probably not necessary to have a pressure relief valve for a bubble cap column, but if I add a packed column to the Dash 2, to make a bit of neutral then perhaps I should? (on the basis that if packing is a bit tight then it could cause a blockage?)

Am I worrying about nothing?


  • No your not worrying about nothing. Search on distillery fire. Here is a foto of my gin rig with a pressure/vacuum releif value that is rated to 1 bar + or - .1 bar. Its the kind of thing like a seat belt in a car. You might never use it or need it 4000 trips in a row. But on your 4001st trip you hit somethin going fast. I think SD sell them.

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    OK mate. Sorry here is the photo. The nobby thing on the right of the top of the boiler is the pressure relief valve.


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  • In Aus the legislation requires a PRV on vessels over a certain size.
    Below a certain size they can vent inside the building and above a certain size they must vent externally. Under both scenarios a certified engineer must be used to size the PRV.

    If you install a PRV even if you didn't need to, then legislation requires you must have a maintenance program and routine testing program to confirm it does what you say it does.

  • Thanks guys. I can see these on the US and Aus sites, but can't find them on SDEurope.

    @Sunshine - do you sell these? If not, what do you normally recommend for the European customers please?

  • If you read my reply above you'll see there's no 1 PRV that suits all needs. If you're commercial you have no alternative but to go down the engineer certified path.

  • Forgive me, I see from your OP that you're not commercial.

  • Not currently, but that's my intention - so I'll follow your advice. Many thanks :-)

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