Cleaning Bubble Caps

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After cleaning the bubble caps, small salts of what appears to be sulphate appear. Should I be worried? Any recommendation?


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    Basic lemon juice would have the same effect on copper in any humid environment. What cleaning solution? And did you air dry?

    I wouldn't read too much into that. It's 99% red copper btw.

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  • Don't worry about the green mate, this occurs inside every still towards the end of a run.

    The lower plates will tend to build up a black build up, you may have noticed this, depending on what you're distilling and how close the first plate is to your pot.

    I used to rotate the plates before finally pulling them all down for manually cleaning.

    As @smaug said, I cleaned with a vinegar solution.
    I lacked the means back then to recirculate the acid in situ, otherwise I would never have gone to the trouble of pulling my column down for regular cleaning.

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