Reusing Feints

I have a question. Yesterday I was doing a spirit run on about 60 litres of moonshine low wines, actually 90% corn and 10% wheat which is really nice, and anyway I had about 50 litres of feints in my still from the previous wheat barley oats run I did. Since I was feeling lazy and didn't have anywhere to put the feints I dumped the moonshine low wines on top of the feints and ran it. Most of the run it was pretty good and at the end I got a bit of the wheat and oats come through in the spirit. So my question is does anyone else do this ? Or has anyone else done this, i.e. just reuse the feints?

BTW the 90% corn moonshine and 10% wheat makes a really nice moonshine. Corn Moonshine can be a touch harsh and the wheat gives it a nice mouth feel and softens the edge a bit.

Merry Christmas as well to everyone.


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    Yes but we never commingle feints from different spirit types.

    Feints have huge character influences that will alter the character of the finished spirit dramatically.

    Legally, here in the states, it would completely alter the labeling.

    If I used rye feints in bourbon, it might not be bourbon anymore. Your distillate is no longer 90% corn and 10% wheat.

  • @grim. Thanks for the feedback. I figured that is what happened when I tasted it at the end. It came out more like a multigrain bourbon but it was still good. I am not selling the stuff yet so labelling is not an issue. Thanks for the feedback.

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