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I am planning a 40 L still with 800 + 1600, 1800, 2100 or 2500W that is from 2400W till 3300 W.

How much can I push single ProCap sitting in 3" tees or pipes. And how low could you go with a 4" with 3 caps?

I will build a cylindrical oven with with Household spare oven heaters to give a low wattage Bain Marie type. Will it work?

I like the Idea with a clean Milk Can coming into this heat jacket.

P.S I would prefer the one ProCap per section as the Milk Can is under 40 L but i am considering 3 caps.


  • One way to find out.

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    3 ProCaps in a 4" column can handle a ton of heat.

    When considering heating, go as large as you can or you'll wait forever to initial boil. You'll use a fraction of power after you start boiling. Make sure that you can dial the heat down via SSR or similar.

    For Bain Marie idea - as @punkin said - there's only one way to find out. Are you thinking about some transfer medium or just air gap?

  • Will be an airgap but it will be schielded outwards with aluminium that will be insulated on the outside. I made a potato gratin this morning and when i saw how it was boiling inside (being of pyrex) I am more and more convinced the heat will be absorbed by the milkcan.

  • Try it and post a picture. Sounds interesting

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    On the question, what would be the minimum heat I could use for a 4” dash. Would for example 3 kW be OK. There is obvious a big gap between 1 or 3 procaps.

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    Bubble caps have a very wide operating range. Separate and apart from what you'll want for heat up times, you could likely run a 4" dash on 1200 watts or less. On the hobby side, 2800 to 3000 watts is a good running speed for a 50 liter kettle.

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