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Large Controller Box

Does anyone know where to get this from in Europe?

I already have the small one in the DIY kit, that I have built.

Looking to put together a larger one with 3 way switch and internal fan.

Granted, it does not need to be the exact model, but something similar in dimensions.

Not a lot on eBay or Amazon.


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    @Homebrew: I had the same challenge and solved it with the following components. They all work a treat!

    1. Box
    2. 240V Fan
    3. Power / ammeter
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    You've used the same ammeter I used when I built the DIY box.
    How is the fan connected in the wiring diagram?
    You used a single fan?

  • I deliberately chose a 240V fan so it would connect (2 wires) on the feed coming into the box (supply end). My friend (who is more practical than I am) drilled some holes along one side of the long edges of the box, so that when the fan is fixed inside the box (on the bottom), it will pull the hot air out of the box. The fan is actually quite a large fan. You wouldn't be able to fit more than one fan

  • Are you not concerned with the legality of the above build ..... Basically spark and explosion scenario.

    Obviously for home use this is one thing but for commercial use this can not be acceptable.

  • Hi Richard - I'm not sure who the question is directed at, but I'll have a go at answering. Firstly, it's not clear to me that this thread isn't with reference to home use. In my case, whilst my friend drilled holes and assembled the box etc, I had a qualified electrician wire mine. From a spark perspective, I don't see any difference in the risk with a light switch being switched on and off in the room. Bear in mind that when the box is switched on or off, the dial should be set at zero, so you're not switching any currently (other than the 0.1A for the fan). There's a warning label on the dial

  • Never understood why you guys just didn’t oversize the heatsinks, keep them on the outside, and forego the fans.

    Keep in mind, ssr doesn’t work like resistive control, the amount of heat dissipated is fairly small.

  • The control box I have has just that set up dual oversize heatsink and on the outside and no problems. No heat buildups even when cranking the power. The heat sink gets pretty hot though.

  • has many boxes with removable covers and heatsinks, they work great...

    here is the largest they have with what they call their 80A heatsink..


    I realize this is not exactly what you are looking for, but this may help you find what you are by what electric brewers have used, as The Electric Brewery has a worldwide following

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