ProCap36, Flow Directors & Drill / Not drill Plate

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Hi - I've been watching YouTube videos and reading the Dash manual to make sure I do the right thing with the building of my new ProCap dash column. Please can somebody answer / confirm my thoughts on the following points:

  1. Whilst older bubble caps appear to require one of the caps fitted upside down (to be the downcomer), I'm thinking the new ProCap36 all go the same way round - is that right?
  2. Different videos show the Flow Directors angled differently. I'm thinking that the wash will cling to the Flow Directors by surface tension and therefore will faithfully follow whatever shape I bend them to? i.e. the important point is to bend them away from the ProCaps in the next section down - is that right?
  3. The dash manual says that "some users drill a 1mm to 1.5mm hole in each of the copper plates. Presumably this is so that the column can be flushed down for a quick clean after a run finishes. Won't these ProCap36's provide enough downward flow, without the need to drill the additional holes? I'd appreciate any advice please.

Thanks in advance!


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    1. The downcomer on standard cap plates is different to a cap, but the principle is there, 1 downcomer per plate on a 4" column and yes, the ProCaps all go the same way round.

    2. Yes.

    3. The small hole is so the plates drain at the end of a run, if they happen to seal very well you will get a little liquid sit on the plate other wise. No drama either way.

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  • Thanks Punkin - much appreciated :-)

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