Thermometer and Spirit Hydrometer suitable for the UK

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for the most cost effective thermometer and spirit hydrometer that will comply with UK law for spirits production.. really appreciate help with choosing as I am going round in circles with these two :-)

I have found what i think is a suitable thermometer for only £24.. seems cheap?

Digi-Sense Precalibrated Large Head Digital Pocket Thermometer @ Cole-Parmer

What I am struggling with is a hydrometer - is this one suitable? seems targeted for the US - £240 with calibration

H-B Instrument B61809-4000 DURAC 0/50 Percent Isopropyl Alcohol Hydrometer @ Cole-Parmer


  • That last hydrometer is certainly nog going to work, it's made for isopropyl alcohol (aka propanol, IPA), not ethanol which you need.

  • thanks squeakyclean..

  • just wanted to report back that I found some... Stevenson Reeve in scotland provide cost effective Hydrometers and Thermometers calibrated to HMRC requirements.

  • @needmorstuff said: just wanted to report back that I found some... Stevenson Reeve in Scotland provides cost-effective Hydrometers and Thermometers calibrated to HMRC requirements.

    Do you have a direct link to him, please?

  • sure - Stevenson Reeves Ltd
    best to call them and discuss your requirements.

  • @needmorstuff - Can you recommend a particular individual that you spoke with? I called Stevenson Reeves 2 or 3 months back for the same reason - to discuss requirements. I was told they were just a manufacturer and could only deal with order fulfilment. I ended up being emailed a product list; but their stock is extremely broad for all sorts of uses. Not just for us distillers, otherwise the spec would have been easy. I figured I would sit down and go through this carefully at some point. It has taken a back seat currently as I'm focusing on Company branding, but it would have been nice to have received some customer service from them, in which case, I would have already placed an order

  • Ian Wilson

    Here's what I ordered.

    AB3030/940 BS 5470 Alcohol Hydro 940/960 2.00 £ 49.00 £ 0.00 £ 98.00

    20.00 B0260 EC Practical Alcohol Tables Volume 2 1.00 £ 24.00 £ 0.00 £ 24.00 0.00

    B0446 Sample Jar Therm -5/+40 in 0.5C, Red Spirit, Steel Back 1.00 £ 72.50 £ 0.00 £ 72.50 20.00

    B0446/TUBE 245mm Spare Therm for B0446 -5/+40C 1.00 £ 39.50 £ 0.00 £ 39.50 20.00

    B0500/CC Works Conformance Certificate for Lab Thermometer 1.00 £ 20.00 £ 0.00 £ 20.00 20.00

    BJ3480 Alcohol Hydrometer Jar 340 x 80 WITH LIP1.5 L 1.00 £ 30.70 £ 0.00 £ 30.70 20.00

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