Stainless Steel Vessel for storing Gin

Can anyone in the EU point me in the direction of a 100L to 150L stainless steel vessel for storing gin prior to bottling?

Preferably with an air tight lid and a level gauge... but cost effective ;)


  • Tabec, an Italian firm. I paid less than 200 EUR for a 300L one, smaller is cheaper. They have them in an array of sizes and specifications.

  • fantastic - thanks. they havent come up in a single search so that is a great shout

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    You don’t need a level gauge - you need a scale and a thermometer. That might simplify things.

  • I'm only in the nano distillery stage.. 50l still 100 litre collection vessel.. What kind of scale would suit that? I was planning on stock control by number of bottles.. the volume fullness of the vesel was to allow me to scale flavourings for my gin and for calculating the addition of water to proof down abv to bottling strength. I'm an open book so be as brutal as you like

  • You’ll never be able to gauge or proof accurately by using volume.

    One you have the mass and the temperature, you know exactly how much alcohol you have.

    If you work by volume, you’ll need to calibrate your vessel, and you still need a thermometer to be able to correct the volume for temperature.

    Volume is generally only ever used for final bottle fill.

  • so something like a parcel scale underneath the vessel with a remote readout.. then plug the weight (because we can't get mass from a scale?) and alcohol corrected temperature into a calculator and that will give me the volume?

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