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I searched and found 2 older threads on cleaning, but wanted to see what the current thought process was.

I have a 120L pot that I got from StillDragon along with the old standard 4" bubble plates and 4" x 3" tees. I currently have 11 plates and a 2' section packed with raschig rings.

Most of my washes are just plain old sugar washes. I give quite a bit away during the holidays so I probably average 1 to 2 batches per month, and once per year I will do 3 or 4 runs of UJSSM.

Currently every 12 months or so I completely tear the rig apart (usually after finishing the UJSSM) and soak the tees and straight sections in hot water and scrubbing. I soak the plates is straight lemon juice and scrub with SS brushes, then run the plates through a dishwasher (using detergent). I also boil the ceramic rings and rinse them when I do this process.

After cleaning everything up I typically run a vinegar cleaning run, then thoroughly rinse everything down with clean hot water.

After every run I run hot water down through the column and scrub the pot down with Bartenders Friend.

....How does this compare with what other people are doing?


  • If its after a Ujsm run just drop the plates in a bucket of hot backset. A vinegar run is doing nothing.

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  • When I change from one rum to a neutral I will put all my plates in a bowl with citric acid to clean before the neutral. Is this too much? I have been kicking around the idea of using separate plates for each spirit type, again is this to much?

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    When i am making beer i just soak my plates in a Star San solution for a while when cleaning my equipment and fermenter. They come up like new with only a few spots you have to rub. I sometimes put them in the dishwasher after but they dont really need it.

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