Which 4 inch condenser?

Hi - I'm currently trying to decide between the following 3 condensers for a 4 inch, 4 plate ProCap, 100L system for making rum.

  1. 4" Dephlegmator V2
  2. 4" Super Dephlegmator
  3. 4" Super Dephlegmator TCC (Tri-Clamp Connection)

There's so little difference in the price that I'm wondering why I shouldn't buy option (3) straight off? Is there a downside? Also, what's the benefit of having the cooling water connected by tri-clamps rather than the usual female pipe connections please?


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    My vote is to go with # 3. The major difference is the added height and the added cooling capacity - allowing you to use warmer water (and/or less of it too). If the your ceiling height isn't an issue, go for it. I use TC fittings attached to silicone tubing for my cooling and discharge lines. I find the ease of setup, routing, tear down and storage advantageous as my rig is assembled very few days of the year...

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