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100L Fermentation Vessels in UK

edited September 2018 in SD Europe

Hi - I've been searching high and low on the internet for stainless steel FVs sold ideally in the UK. I'm currently looking for 100L. As I want these for rum, I'm not entirely sure a conical FV is really necessary; however as I move to a still with exposed elements, I need to make sure the wash is pretty clear of yeast, so a conical might help?

Currently I've found a site called "Brewbuilder" which looks perfect; however after receiving an initial email response asking me to give the owner a call (3 months ago), he doesn't answer phone or email. Most of the other sites are resellers of decent conicals like Blichmann, Speidel & SS BrewTech but they are soooo much more expensive in the UK than in the US for example - probably twice as much!

I wondered if anyone in the UK (or Europe) has had a good experience / recommendation for buying reasonable quality stainless steel fermenters at a sensible price please?



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