Flavored Vodka

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Hello friends. I have a small amount of neutral vodka that I intend to aromatize with lemon peel using the GB. Any suggestions regarding amounts of lemon peel per liter of alcohol in the still? grateful.


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    An absurdly small amount goes a long way unless you are looking for orange liqueur or limoncello levels of citrus flavor.

    I would suggest you distill a small amount of spirit, with a large amount of fresh microplaned lemon peel (no pith), and make a flavor base high in citrus oils.

    Use this flavor base to flavor the vodka to exactly the right level you are looking for.

    You can use a small lab still to create a strong enough flavor base to flavor cases of vodka.

    0.4 grams of fresh microplaned citrus peel (zero pith) is enough to flavor a liter of finished spirit to a level I'd consider aromatized (via vapor distillation).

    But, in a lab still, you could take 100 grams of microplane citrus peel and 200ml of neutral spirit and make 200ml of flavor good enough for about 250 bottles (lightly flavored), compared to something like 12-18 bottles of heavily flavored limoncello.

    Other factor to consider is citrus extracted through distillation (or maceration) contains significant amount of terpenes that are very oxygen sensitive. While d-Limonene has a very strong citrus aroma, and is the major component extracted, it's not the only component. When that d-Limonene gets oxidized, the level of "citrus" aroma degrades pretty quickly.

  • thank you very much @grim, now I have a base to start. I am very grateful

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