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It has been recommended to me recently that I should reduce my consumption of sugar. Not a big deal for me, except for one thing; I really like my coffee black and sweet.

I've been doing some research on alternative/non-sugar sweeteners. How depressing. Anyway, stevia seems to be the one that offers the best press. I found some organic 100% stevia extract (stevia rebaudiana) powder at the local airy-fairy food store. It is pretty disappointing. It provides a perception of sweetness as an after-taste. Not the rich deep sweetness I get from turbinado that I enjoy so much.

There are a multitude of stevia options on the shelf: powders, liquids, blends... I selected this particular one because it is 100% stevia extracted from the leaf of stevia rebaudiana. I doubt that I will bother with buying a second container when this one runs out.

Can anyone with experience provide suggestions on the most enjoyable form of stevia? Or any alternative sweetener that might make coffee taste similarly to coffee sweetened with sugar?

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    Modern living through chemistry, Splenda.

    I think Stevia tastes completely fake, like I would imagine the worst artificial sweeteners would taste.

    Splenda and sucrose mix pretty well together from a compatible flavor perspective. Stevia does not.

  • Darken a sucrose simple syrup and then blend in splenda when cool. You can probably reduced sugar sweetner mix that comes pretty close to turbinado.

  • The goal would be to make sure that your not creating an insulin event.

    Some artificial sweeteners will still provoke an Insulin spike. Repeated spikes promote insulin insensitivity. And that promotes inflammation. Inflammation being the root cause of ALL age related disease.

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  • I used to like sugar in coffee but with a bit of training i now gag at the taste of sweetened tea and coffee and wonder how i ever liked it. Try a squeeze of lemon in your coffee. In our modern diet we get more than enough sugar so putting it in drinks is just adding to the burden.

    I agree with Grim that Stevia tastes fake and other sugar substitutes are just plain disgusting. Sugar is the best - you just got to be careful how you use it. And if you drink any Coke at all then just forget it. Again having said that i would rather drink an occasional coke than a regular Diet Coke or equivalent.

  • I’d trade heavy cream in my coffee for sugar any day.

  • I make fresh peach buttermilk ice cream

  • FWIW - I do not eat pre-processed foods almost at all (does cheese count?). No stealth sugars in my diet.

    Sweet coffee is one of my two sweet vices. The other being homemade ice cream. Ice cream I can give up. Sweet coffee... It's tough. Never really developed a taste for creamed coffee. Black is OK. I can live with that, but the satisfaction factor with black coffee is very diminished for me.

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  • You dont have to give up the icecream - just knock it back to a occasional treat. Trust me after a while you will wonder how you ever put sugar in your tea coffee - or dust off your running shoes and eat what you like.

    Is that hurricane going to put out the big bonfire you have had for a while ?

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    I do like my espresso sans sugar. But Cuban coffee without sugar is not Cuban coffee.

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    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • agave syrup is known for its low glycemic index... and tastes pretty good too...

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    I agree on the unsweetened coffee.

    Once you get used to it, you won’t take sugar in it again.

    On the Splenda side - I find it works really well in tea.

    I don’t mind something like a vanilla rooibos with a little cream and Splenda. You know, when someone uses up the last of the coffee.

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    Don’t know Cuban coffee but understand as I can’t imagine a Greek or Turkish coffee without sugar.

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    Honey in coffee is very nice. Used to use it that way. Don't know if that helps any though. And there are supposed to be benefits to the consumption of your "local" honey. Maybe they can balance things out for you.

    I also agree if you can learn to drink black coffee, sweetened coffee will gag you. Its kinda like mixing a good spirit with coke or something. It just becomes "wrong".

  • Took me years to ban milk and sugar from my coffee. Replaced the sugar with artificial sweetener first, brought that down to half a tiny tablet and then stopped with sweeteners altogether, for one year a bit of milk only and finally black. One happy camper now.

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    I like agave syrup. It adds a bit of a smokey flavor with its sweetness in my coffee that I like a lot. First runnerup behind turbinado. I've been reading that it is 85% fructose or more - making it simular to HFCS. My doctor advises against it (agave), more than every once in a while.

    What is really interesting is what the BMI calculator says I should weigh. At 6' even it says I should weigh 165-180 lbs. That is not realistic. I'm down to 185 from 206 and I look like a beanpole. Pretty amazing how much weight you can lose when you cut out carbs from your diet. Twenty one pounds in six weeks.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • Congrats, I shouldn't have made that buttermilk ice cream.

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    The trick is going to be putting the right amount of low GI carbs back in so that I don't shrink into sub-atomic infinity, like Ant-Man.

    Maybe that's where I can sneak the occasional sweetened coffee or ice cream back in. This stevia shit is for the birds. I've tried Splenda in iced tea. It's... ok I guess.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

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    @GD50 said: Don’t know Cuban coffee but understand as I can’t imagine a Greek or Turkish coffee without sugar.

    I learned to love/make Cuban coffee when I stayed in Marathon - even closer to Cuba than Miami.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

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    Hermesetas Sweetener Tablets 800ea @ Woolworths Australia

    I use one of these in my coffee (2 cups in the morning only) and have given them to 2 sugars people before when i couldn't be bothered getting the sugar out and they have not mentioned it.

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  • I actually still use one of those style percolators but that one was filled to the top with coffee so it is going to be stiff. While i eats very little free sugar and only limited sweet things its not doing me any good because i wont give away that one thing. BEER. Plus i just plain straight out eat Too Much even if it is good food. So still a fat f**k. Have to get a job back in aboriginal lands again as alcohol free and last time i lost heaps.

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