Heavy Rum - High and Low Wines

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Digging through old rum literature, I finally found a clear definition of high and low wines as would be used for charging a double retort still.



This indicates that High Wines are not heads, as some have stated, but that high wines are "early tails" - collected immediately after rum, and low wines are "late tails", collected after high wines.

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  • This comes from the 1905 Report on The Experimental Work of the Sugar Experiment Station (Jamaica).

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    Just for clarity - Over Proof and Under Proof refer to the delta above and below 100 proof.

    So 20 over proof is 120 proof, and 60 under proof is 40 proof.

    Plugging some of the old math into alcodens, it looks like this is based on US, not UK proof.

  • I just searched the 1905 Report.... what a fascinating read! Got any more like it?

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