1 Bar Stainless Steel Pressure Relief Valve

First time I have been concerned with pressure. I'm preparing to try my hand at gin with a GB4. Does the StillDragon 1 Bar Stainless Steel Pressure Relief Valve come preset? Is it adjustable? If so what setting would be appropriate? Thanks.


  • have not seen the but it the title is to go by they are 14.7 psi.

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    These units relieve at 1 bar. Are not adjustable at all (unless you exchange the internal spring). But further are nice in that it is also a vacuum relief valve.

    The downside of this valve is that if it does safety over pressure relieve, it exhausts out through the side ports which is potentially dangerous.



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  • Does the 1 bar mean it blows at just slightly above atmospheric pressure or on1 bar above atmospheric pressure, In other words 14.7 lbs inside the tank?

  • No 1 bar gauge pressure.

  • We provide 1 bar the jacket and .5bar for the actual kettle btw.

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