Maybe I'm just extra sensitive (hangover's)

I am currently producing a hangover free "sugar likker" that I triple distill, use calcium carbonate to neutralize, cut fores with electronic parrot on each run, and dilute each run with 50% water.

I have not found a commercial flavored product even cheap vodka that does not produce a hangover or even headache while still drinking.

Do any of you guys produce a flavored (Bourbon or other) product that seems to be hangover free when compared to to run of the mill stuff? If so what do you attribute the result to?


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    The science behind it is tricky, because there are numerous factors that can trigger hangover or migraines, some of which are the result of the breakdown of ethanol in the body.

    Some people can be prone to it, some people are seemingly immune to it.

    Also consider that other factors can impact this, for example, how hydrated you are.

    There are 3 schools of thought here.

    1. Acetaldehyde and Acetate as primary culprit.

    2. Congeners as culprits.

    3. Genetic and Biological Factors, primarily around the enzymes your body produces to break down ethanol and acetaldehyde.

    So, getting more granular.

    1. Fermentation and Heads Cut will directly influence the acetaldehyde and acetate volumes in spirit.

    2. Congener theory is more complex, as there are two different pieces - fusel and tails components as the triggers, or maturation components as triggers. Let's just say that staying far away from tails helps here.

    3. Remember, ethanol breaks down into acetaldehyde and then into acetate. Both can cause hangovers, and both can be produced in your body from nothing but ethanol. People who lack the biological enzymes to quickly do these conversions, and then expel the acetate, will have higher volumes in their blood, and a higher potential for hangover.

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    Alcohol consumption causes dehydration - one of the unpleasant side effects of consumption associated with hangovers. No cuts will change this.

    Stay hydrated while consuming alcohol.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • Agreed with the hydration. When drinking, make sure the last drink you have before bed is a glass of water.

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    Absorption speed of alcohol as well, the faster alcohol is absorbed by your gut, the higher the peak blood levels can get (including the metabolites) - because you can absorb faster than your body can break down. Having food in your stomach and your gut helps slow this.

    What's been giving me a killer headache lately, hazy juicy NEIPAs. Christ, I get a wailing headache before I even go to bed, let alone the next morning. Old beer guy tells me all the hops and lactose covers up lots of shitty fermentation problems, acetaldehyde, fusels, etc etc - which leads to wicked headaches. He seemed irked by it, shitty new brewers getting notoriety for making chunky cloudy milk-sugar "beer". :)

  • Anyone know if the NEIPA Grim is talking about is similar to Coopers Pale Ale. In the bottle that is cloudy but on tap it can be downright muddy when coming to the bottom of the keg. That doesn't give me a headache unless of course i drink gallons of the stuff.

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    No not at all similar. The cloudi ess in coopers is a yeast sediment.
    The cloudiness in NEIPA is from hop oils.
    Very different bers.

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  • First line - I am currently producing a hangover free "sugar likker"

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